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Things you should know about owning a Chihuahua


Things you should know, about owning a Chihuahua



Never rub their nose in their feces! Scold or spank them.

All you are doing is causing the puppy to think his actions are wrong so he or she will begin to eat their feces to hide it.

Do praise them when they do things correctly!

They can feel when you are mad, sad, depressed, angry, and you can stress them out. Do not bring your feelings into them.

Do not buy a long coat puppy then take it for haircuts. Why did you want a long coat in the first place if you are going to cut its hair? Stop this you are stressing out the puppy for what?

Long Coats shed less than short coats.

If you can not feed them properly per contract do not contact me about purchasing a puppy.

Sometimes I discount male puppies as they get older to move them. There is nothing wrong with them. I just don’t need more males. If you were lucky enough to get a discounted puppy thank your lucky stars, because it does not happen often.

Do your homework, before getting a puppy. Sometimes what you think you want may not be right for you.