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Things I use and approve!


I will tell you why I use this product and how also will give you the link to where I purchase.

If you have an item, you would like for me to try and rate you must send enough for all my dogs to try so no less than 20 items. If it is small items if it is for a kennel 5-10, for puppy room 8-16.

1.  Drymate® MAX Whelping Box Liner

This is what I use for my potty pad holders. It can be cut to size, saves money, disinfect with ammonia then spray off with garden hose.  NOTE: Ammonia is the only common house hold cleaner that will kill caccidia . Bleach will not….  I have a problem with june bugs, so in order to get them off the mats I use,

a flea comb. This removes them in no time.with out any wear and tear on your mat.

The 48 X 50 will make many pads…

2.  Coolaroo Pet Bed

I have tried every type of mat bed under the sun, they lasted maybe 3 days tops.  I have 2 in each pen and so far after 4 months they have been great.

  • elevates pets off the hard ground
  • flea and mite resistant
  • resists mold and mildew
  • breathable fabric helps to eliminate hot spots
  • easy to clean
  • limited 5-year warranty
  • lead free

Should the need arise I can always order a new replacement pad…   I got tired of throwing away money on beds they would shred before I could turn around,

3.  Nutri-Stat™

I send this home with every new puppy. I have seen sick weak puppies that no one gave them a 1% chance to live. Live and thrive after being given this every few hours. I strongly recommend this.

4.  IRIS 4 Panel Indoor/Outdoor Pet Pen Containment W35"xL35"xH24", White

This I Love you don’t even have to leave home to buy this it will be shipped straight to your door. If you don’t like keeping your puppy in a kennel all day, this is for you. It is big enough to place your potty pad and food and water bowl in, and a bed.  If you have a climber don’t fret they sell a top for this as well so baby cannot get out.


5.  IRIS Mesh Roof for 4-Panel Pet Pen


6.  Potty pad holders

I buy these from Fred’s Pharmacy usually they are around $10.00


Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small Bites Formula Dry Dog Food

Hill's® Science Diet®

Adult Advanced Fitness Small Bites

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Potato Recipe Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

7.  Nationwide Lost & Found Pet Recovery Database