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Chihuahuas - In - Louisiana

Welcome to my site - enjoy your stay

I know there are times when you would like to come look before buying, I am ok with that - but here are my rules:

  1. Do NOT bring any other pet with you.
  2. Children are NOT allowed to pick up the puppies.  If you allow your child to pick up a puppy and they drop it, YOU JUST BOUGHT THAT PUPPY.  I will NOT make any exceptions.  My only concern is the well being and safety of my puppies.
  3. I reserve the right to cancel any adoption- sale at any time, regardless if a deposit has been placed.
  4. You refuse or sidestep my questions, I will cancel or stop any future contact with you.
  5. I am a smoke free zone
  6. If you are sick with a stomach virus, cold, flu or anything similar, do NOT come.  Reschedule.
Please abide by my rules or you will be asked to leave to never return.