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How Big Will My Puppy Grow To Be?

  • I have this question asked by so many, I wanted to try and give the most honest answer I can. I see many people will tell you this puppy is charting to be XXXX pounds. Yes they do have charts out there where you can input weight, age and breed of your puppy and it will give you a figure as to what their weight should be.   But let me tell you the truth of it all, your puppy’s size depends on many factors,
  • #1 genetics plays a big role in what size your puppy will be, and I have never had two litters from the same parents be the same.
  • #2 Health plays another role in your puppies growth, if you do not keep up regular worming’s, and such parasites toll heavy on your puppy.
  • #3 Food quantity and quality, both factor in on your puppies development. They need a good high quality feed, on a timely schedule, and in the right amounts to keep them at their optimum.
  • If you are going on the assumption that the smaller the dog the easier it is to care for, you would be wrong. Please do your research, on the type of dog you plan to bring into your family. The dog will become part of your family, so please choose wisely.
  • Make sure you are up to the task, time and patience, this will require.
  • Also keep in mind the heartache should things not work out. Keep in mind the smaller the dog, the likely hood of more health problems, is higher…
  • I would rather see you informed, that hurt, mad, or disillusioned.