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Puppy Growth charts


So, you heard there is a chart out there, that will tell you how big your puppy will grow to be. I must laugh, as I might as well throw up a quarter and call heads or tails and be just as close.

Your Chihuahua puppy is likely to grow to:

5 lb 1 oz
This is about this breed's average

(This is an estimate based on a Chihuahua puppy being weighed at 12 weeks)


They did not bother to tell you how this study was done, or how many dogs were involved. Diet, how many were high and how many were low, to get their average.  So please - is there any breeder out there telling you your puppy is charting to be XXXX. Ask how many litters has this dog had to this same male. How many were in each litter alive, stillborn, what were their weights. I can tell you I have bred the same female to the same male, and never has she had the same color of puppies, nor have they all been exactly alike. You see it is just like your kids. They may have the same mom and dad, but one may be 6’ and the other on 5’4”. What I am trying to tell you everything goes on variables. Diet, genetics, exercise, routine wormings and so on. Before you adopt shop around - ask questions. If they say you cannot see the parents because it upsets them, red flag. If they are that nervous, frankly I would not want a puppy out of that stock. Mine are all hand selected for their temperament, color, size, looks, and their loving charm. Ask 100 questions if you need to. Go to the shelters and visit you might find your furbaby there. Use your gut instincts.  If too many red flags come up walk away.  We cannot save them all. But buying from bad breeders only encourages them to breed more to be tormented.


If you cannot afford a pet go volunteer, to walk the dog or play with them at the shelter. They would love the extra help.