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Chihuahuas - In - Louisiana

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Items Received


Williams Farms & Chihuahua’s

462 Louis Williams Loop/ Rd

Pitkin, LA 70656


Allen Parish


On signing this document, I acknowledge, I have received the following:

The puppy/ dog I choose

A puppy package containing food, ( Dry, Wet, Moist and meaty)  toys, potty pads, Nutri-Stat*®, water bowl, water, food bowl, snacks, blanket, and other items.

One Booklet pink for a girl, Blue if I chose a boy that contains health records,

Registrations papers, vet check, Contract, and information to help me better understand the Chihuahua breed.


I also agree that if I choose not to follow the contract rules the contract become null and void.





Signed this ______ day of ______, 20_____.