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Chihuahuas - In - Louisiana

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I accept Pay Pal as a form of payment:


Pay Pal if paying with a credit card or paying as buying merchandise , please add 4% to the total as they deduct it from my account.

If you do not wish to pay the extra 4% send it as sending to a friend.

I am PAY PAL Verified ! and have been a member since 2002.  Pay pal name:         





Other Forms of Payment:


Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE   Before placing a deposit of $200.00 please read the contract make sure you understand it and agreed to it. I will not except anything less, it will be returned to you, and adoption canceled. Once you place your deposit you are bound to the contract signed or not. The Deposit comes off of the total price of the pup, it is not in addition.  All puppies must be paid in full on the first of the month they are to be picked up or shipped.