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Chihuahuas - In - Louisiana

Welcome to my site - enjoy your stay

We absolutely love our baby girl, she is perfect.

I picked her up and she came with a generous supply of food, toys, blankets, her health records and an information packet on raising a chihuahua.  

Miss Joyce even gave her a brand new taxi to ride home in just in case we were to get in an accident she would be safe.

All of her chihuahuas were very friendly and outgoing. .

This puppy loves everyone, was eating on her own, and is 95% potty pad trained!

The first few nights she woke once during the night but she has put herself on a schedule and sleeps all night.


My Little Tinee Tot


I am already beyond pleased with my purchase of our little chi,(only had our little Tinee for 8hrs) she is so lovable, cute,sweet, playful..all the above!!! Mrs.Joyce is wonderful & super sweet & the best breeder I have dealt with in a while!!!


December 15, 2018

Pam Cook

We wanted a black male, apple head, long hair chihuahua, and when Joyce had one available, she let me know. Before we even picked up the first one, we bought a second one from Joyce, from the same litter! Our Benji and Bailey mean the world to us, and playing with them and watching them play together is ALL WE DO! LOL. We couldn't be any more pleased. The puppies are beautiful and healthy!

Ellen Flahive

Joyce Williams is a diamond in the rough!  With all the scam websites out there it was a nightmare until I came upon Chihuahuas in Louisiana. Joyce is a true professional.  She made the process so simple for us.  Thank you Joyce for being a wonderful human being who takes impeccable care of your puppies.  Our little Daisy is awesome.  She is adjusting so well to her new home.  She is healthy and happy.  Thank you Joyce .  You are one of the best breeders I have ever dealt with.  Daisy sends lots of kisses and cuddles!  


Ellen Flahive,  Boston, MA.


Shawn and Linda Guillory

Just got our little Cha Cha today. Very pleased with Ms Joyce and the service.  She takes very good care of the dogs and you get your money worth with all of the supplies she sends with your new fur baby. I would give her 5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Angel Savage

It was a joy to talk to Mrs. Williams by phone about my little pup.

Once I described the puppy I was looking for, she picked out the exact one, my husband and I were looking for.

My pup was shipped to me he is Beautiful and healthy. I took him to his first vet visit since we have had him, the vet says he is in good condition!!!!!!!!!


Eva Rose Dickson

Re:  Scooter

  • We have been looking for quite a while for a Special color and markings for a puppy.

  • After searching several breeders and websites. We were very fortunate to find Joyce Williams.  We made an appointment to visit her kennel.

  • Are WE were impressed. Very obvious of all the care and love she gives to ALL her babies.

  • We selected the puppy we wanted 'Scooter '  And Joyce would let us have her at 8 weeks old.

  • So Scooter started her journey from Louisiana to Texas home.

  • Joyce provided items to help us to get started Taking care of Scooter - Travel  cage,blankets,toys,food and treats.  The notebook she gave us provided excellent information  and shot records etc.

  • Our Veterinarn  said this is the BEST binder he has ever seen.  He stated he wished  every breeder provided  detailed information like Joyce Williams.

  • We are extremely pleased with Scooter..

  • She has been easy to potty train in one week.

  • We do not hesitate  to tell  where Scooter came from and well in the future, if necessary, to contact JOYCE WILLIAMS for another puppy.

  • She is the BEST and has The BEST CHICHUAHUAS i.

  • Give her a call,

  • You will be glad you did


Evelyn Gonzalez

Truly lucked out coming across Mrs. Joyce's Chihuahua ad. Her website is an open book of Chihuahua knowledge, with lots of references and suggestions. The overall process of purchasing my pup Lexie from her was handled with the utmost professionalism. Truly believe the health & beauty of her pups is just a reflection of the dedication and hard work she applies to her profession as a breeder. I will always appreciate her and all her advise.


Mary Ann Furino

Joyce is the best breeder. She has adorable puppies. You can always count on her  for beautiful Chihuahuas


Bethanie Blackburn

My mom recently purchased my chihuahua and she has been the best Christmas present! My past chihuahua passed away from a heart condition and I was devastated but my new puppy has made so very happy and I love her to death! The experience purchasing this puppy was fantastic with the pictures and updates and when I got her she came with all kinds of goodies! I really appreciate what you do and want to say thank you!


Sarah Barnes and Family

Chihuahuas in Louisiana(thank you)
Hi there,

My family and I wanted to reach out and thank you for your page . My husband and I decided to get a puppy earlier this month as an early Christmas present to our 2 girls(and ourselves). We're both huge dog lovers but haven't had dogs ourselves since we were kids so we wanted to wait for the right time to introduce a puppy into our family. We moved into a new house back in October with a fenced in yard so we decided it was finally time.

Needless to say, we fell in love with a little Chihuahua puppy and named him Gatsby(I'm a 9th grade English teacher - I couldnt resist!) Your page has been such a help to us these past few weeks in caring for our new puppy, I wanted to reach out and thank you. Gatsby is already an irreplaceable part of our family - I honestly don't know what we ever did without him! He is the most loving and playful dog, and he absolutely adores our girls.

That being said, he tends to get into a few things around the house here and there (we caught him playing with a TV cord the other day and it absolutely terrified me!) I found a really good article on pet proofing your home at . I wanted to pass it along to you because I thought it could be a good addition to your resource page. Hopefully it can help some other clueless new pet-parent out.

Thank you again, and Happy New Year!:)

Colleen Martin

This was a awesome experience ! My husband surprised me with my chihuahua @ Christmas! Joyce totally went above any breeder that I've ever known( I have 5 other outside dogs) what a surprise to have a tote bag with everything you could imagine with !! Unbelievable !!! That was another gift on its own. I truly fell in love as I was surprised by my husband to get a chihuahua . I will only use Ms. Joyce for any new puppies in my life..!!!!! Thanks

December 25,2016

Bambi Ardoin

I just purchased my sweet baby girl from Mrs. Joyce and I am very pleased! Mrs. Joyce is very kind, she opened her house for me to go visit and see all her precious babies, she is very knowledgeable, very helpful and she answers all your questions. She is kind enough to share all her knowledge with you so you can raise a healthy puppy. She really cares and loves all her animals, she is very concern about their well beings. I couldn't believe I receive a care packet, she blessed us with a pet taxi, toys, puppy pads, water bottles, baby wipes, food and treats. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience!

December 22, 2016


Ashley Green

I just bought my first puppy from Joyce. It was a wonderful experience! She is very knowledgable and answered all of my questions. He came already puppy pad trained, which is a huge blessing! We are absolutely in love with our puppy! Thanks for making this experience so wonderful!

October 1, 2016

Charlotte Smith

What a remarkable journey we have taken on  the pathway to finding the perfect puppy for our family. Our guide has been an amazing and professional breeder. Let's start at the beginning. Our puppy was one of a litter born to Bella and Petro on 2-29-2016. Our dilemma - how to choose? A, B or C? You choose with your heart! That little cobby body and apple head caught our eye. Her white coat with its distinctive fawn markings were the picture of uniqueness and cuteness. Her name? Mini, of course, as she was and remains a tiny bouncing bundle. We were a pesky family, asking for pictures, updates and visits. Each request was graciously granted. Questions were answered in a patient manner. At last our pick up date arrived. Ms Joyce doesn't hand you a puppy and send you on your way. She gifts you with a bag and a kennel! The bag is overflowing. It contains a folder (vet records, registration papers, baby pictures, informative articles). The other items include toys, blankets, food, a tube of vitamin supplement, treats, a travel water bottle. Ms Joyce spends time visiting with you and answers any last minute questions you have. Her potty training on pads has amazing results! Mini brings joy and vitality to our home. As Ms Joyce spends time socializing her puppies, Mini has not displayed any of the troubling traits that "some" Chihuahua's from other breeders often do. She is healthy, very social, happy, and playful. Mini has learned to activate all of our grand babies toys. She loves the lights and music she gets from her endeavors. Mini "sits" but isn't much on the command to "lay". She will "stay" on command and "follow". Mini enjoys games like fetch, hide and seek and she absolutely loves pull toys. It's like a circus in our house. I bet your thinking, "This is amazing". However the story does not end there!. The relationship continues as Ms Joyce remains a helpful guide and friend. If you're searching for a licensed professional breeder who goes above and beyond with reasonable pricing of phenomenal dogs, you have arrived. We recommend Ms Joyce (Williams Farm and Chihuahua's). Enjoy the journey of a lifetime!

June 22, 2016

Lisha Stokes

I was well pleased how well Mrs.Joyce takes care of all her babies. She is very up to date on the puppies shots, and all information you may have for your new puppy she does provide a going home package.. the puppies that she has they are very healthy..I will be going back in the future...Thank Mrs.Joyce!

P.S. I only had my puppy 3 hours and he is rotten

June 17, 2016

Jessica DePaolis

I just purchased a female puppy, who I fell in love with immediately! Joyce has been amazing right from the start. She answered all of my questions quickly, did not push me to buy a pup, sent me so many pictures,and really made the entire process stress free and amazing. When I picked up my baby, "Paisley", from the airport, she was so excited! Was swishing her tail and giving me kisses like she just knew who I was!!! My kids and I fight for Paisley everyday!!! She's so incredibly intelligent, at 8 weeks old she is already about 85% pee pad trained, in 2 days she learned her name and comes when we call her name. Honestly at this moment I'm currently trying to convince my husband we need to get another puppy! I think it's working lol!!! But a pup from Joyce, they have been loved from day one and you can tell❤ - 2/15/16


Four weeks ago I obtained a precious baby from Joyce.  He is already fully house trained (due to Joyce's puppy pad training from birth), very intelligent, and a special addition to my home

Reviewer:  Brenda Ardoin - 2/14/16


Joyce goes above and beyond with the care of her puppies!! All of our puppies arrived safe, with extra blankets, toys, etc. We have the loves of our lives thanks to Joyce!!

Thank you again, Donna & Mary

November 1, 2015

*****Happy Birthday To Me

The same breeder I got Penelope, my merle Chihuahua, from knew it was my birthday (June 1st) and knows I have been looking for a longcoat Chihuahua for over a year now! I have been pretty picky and not tryimg to rush it because I knew the perfect baby would come along! Well, I saw her post in a group about a few puppies and commented about how gorgeous they were! I fell love with this baby at first site and I was hoping it was the itty bitty boy she was talking about, although I told her I couldn't afford the asking price for him at this time... Well, turns out, it was the little boy and she said, "Well, hey, happy birthday... You can come get him this weekend! I already know he will be going to a great home!" He's only 1.6 lbs at 8 weeks!
I'm still in total shock! My birthday really hadn't been the best this year, but she totally turned that around for me!! Eeeekkk! I am beyond excited!!!! I'm still speechless and don't know say! Thank you isn't NEAR enough! She has no idea how much this baby means to me! Already!
She is an amazing licensed breeder and if you're around Pitkin, LA and looking for a Chihuahua puppy, let me know and I'll give you her info! She has more from his litter!


I just bought my second puppy from Joyce. (Tristan) Just like the first puppy Amari, I purchased, a little over 5 months ago, we had a wonderful experience again. Joyce really loves her puppies, and goes above and beyond, with her puppies care and shipping. Out of all my dogs, these two have the happiest personality. And they were both from two different parents. This shows me how happy the parents, must be, and are treated by Joyce. Thank you Joyce for giving us these two special gifts! Mary & Donna

Reviewer: MARY, June 9, 2015

*****Wonderful Experience

I purchased my chihuahua from Joyce and drove from Austin Tx to Louisiana to get my little darling. I had been on a two month search for my new puppy when I encountered Joyce's litter selection on the web. I fell in love with the most beautiful fawn chihuahua ever. What made this such a great experience was that Joyce was so accommodating and happy to answer any and all of my questions. I felt so confident during this transaction. I know that there are so many scammers on these kind of sites and one can easily be taken advantage of. With this breeder you can rest assured that you are getting the dog advertised. My little chihuahua is such a cuddle bug, but above all he is in excellent health and has such a sweet and loving disposition. Thank you Joyce, I couldn't be happier. Deborah Jackson.

Reviewer: deborah, April 10, 2015 

****Review on Bucky

This breeder was very efficient and kept good records. She took good care of her puppies and we are pleased with our puppy. She did not receive excellent, because only God is perfect. Would buy from her again if occasion arises.

Reviewer: Annette, April 7, 2015

*****Caring & Knowledgable--Excellent Seller!!!

I picked up my sweet puppy two weeks ago, and she is an absolute doll! Mrs. Williams is the perfect example of what a breeder/seller should be--knowledgable and above all, caring! Mrs. Joyce's puppies are happy, socialized (pre-spoiled!), and well on their way to potty pad training when they come home with you! And, Mrs. Joyce is so helpful! She is happy and willing to answer any questions you have before buying your puppy and after you take them home. Mrs. Joyce loves her puppies and wants the best for them and their new families! I would highly recommend Mrs. Joyce Williams to anyone looking for a puppy

Reviewer: Carolyn, April 6, 2015

*****Wonderful breeder! :)

I absolutely adore my puppy, Penelope, that I purchased from Joyce! She's a wonderful breeder! Very knowledgeable on the breed! It took a while for my deposit to get to her, but she was very patient with me! I had also misplaced Penelope's papers, and when I contacted her almost a year later, she was very sweet and got me the information I needed to send in and get the papers copied! Great experience and highly recommend

Reviewer: Juliana, March 14, 2015

*****wonderful breeder

i recently bought 2 of this ladies puppies. they are perfect puppies. i would recommend this lady to anyone looking for a great pet. she is very knowledgeable and her babies are carefully bred for confirmation. her prices are great. my babies are so sweet and loving. they come with all wormings, shots, and many extras. she is awsome

Reviewer: dody, March 12, 2015   

*****Lovable Puppies

I bought my baby girl from her a couple months back. I just fell in love with her. She's so sweet and we'll mannered. I loved her so much, that I went back to Mrs Joyce and purchased another. This time I got a little boy. He's awesome as well. I enjoy doing business with Joyce. All of her puppies are up to date on shots and well taken care of. I wouldn't mind doing business with her again anytime

Reviewer: LaPrincess, March 12, 2015


Joyce, will go out of her way, to answer all your questions! Our puppies health/safety, was always her main priority!! Our puppy came pre loved and pre spoiled. We were amazed at how much thought and detail went into shipping our puppy, everything, we would need, was packed with her! If we ever got another puppy, it would be with Joyce again

Reviewer: DONNA, February 21, 2015