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Facts about Chihuahua’s

  • Chihuahua’s that are Blue, Lilac, Merle, are more subjectable, to having Demodex, than any other color. This is not a life threating illness, and is very treatable.
  • Not all will get this. But just to make you aware, when buying these colors, they can carry this, and not show signs, until they are even up to a year old. This is a pet quality dog only.
  • You need to be aware of this, when selecting a puppy. This can be true, that 1 puppy in a litter of 5 can have this and the rest be fine. Things happen beyond the breeder’s control.  They cannot predict, which puppy will or will not have this. This is not genetic as most people believe.

Q: Can Demodex mites be inherited?

  • A: No the mites are not present on the fetus while the fetus is developing from an embryo in the uterus. However, if the mother has Demodex mites present in/on her skin, the mites can invade the new fetus’ skin immediately after birth. Since many dogs have Demodex mites present in their skin, and never actually develop noticeable skin lesions, the mother may not even be showing any signs of mites and yet transmit mites to the newborn pups. The pups may or may not develop a clinical case of mites.
  • Once eliminated, most dogs do not acquire another infestation; the dog’s immune defenses are primed to eliminate any new Demodex mites. However, there are certain dogs that, because of genetic programming, do not produce the specific immune factors that will target the mites for destruction. That specific lack of adequate immune defense against the mites is a hereditary aspect of the disease that can predispose an infested dog to a severe, unresponsive case of Demodex. 
  • Many veterinarians believe that all dogs have small numbers of Demodex mites residing in the skin and that having a few mites is normal and common. It is when immune related -- or nutritional or environmental -- stresses impact the dog that visible skin lesions from mite infestations become noticeable.
  • There is no such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua. This was a name given to tiny, small sometimes inbred dogs.
  • No one can tell you 100% how big or small a dog will grow this has to do with genetics and diet.