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Chihuahuas - In - Louisiana

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I am dedicated to the Chihuahua breed.  I have been raising them on and off for over 35 years. USDA Lic. I am a Notary In Allen Parish State of Louisiana.  I do not breed for teacups, as there is no such thing, this is only a name people have given to sell small, sometimes sick underdeveloped, inbred puppies. I will not do that to the breed. If you want a happy healthy puppy please review all aspects of the breeder.  Flags should arise:

  • #1 if they will NOT allow you to view parents or state parents are not there.
  • #2 If you are NOT allowed to pick up puppy in person and allowed to view.
  • #3. if puppies eyes are not bright, or has a wet tail.
  • #4. Some puppies do get car sick so please keep that in mind as well.
  • #5 smell of your puppy , smell inside the ears, between the toes, and under the neck area. If you smell something other than normal puppy smell beware.
  • #6 take time to get to know your puppy if this is a dash-n-cash , quick exchange, wait a bit talk to the buyer. watch to see how puppy is acting.  
  • #7 Above all make sure they have records and documents to back up their claims. DO NOT accept a puppy under 8 weeks old. This is the USDA  law. Not all states have laws complying but hopefully they all will soon. If you get a sick puppy and do not know what to do contact the USDA they will help you. Cell phones are to handy these days take pictures of them holding the puppy you buy and the car the drove getting license plate numbers. Don't wait 5 or 6 days to take your puppy to the vet. As soon as you get your new fur baby make that appointment with your vet.  A good breeder will do what is right no matter what is written on paper.

DO NOT buy from  puppy mills. Check out your animal shelters for adoptable pets.  


Why I use CKC instead of AKC? well #1 CKC is a local registration and has always upheld high standards . You will see people state AKC requires DNA, well yes they do, But the truth is --------The American Kennel Club uses MMI Genomics for DNA Profiling. A DNA profile is used for ID purposes only. Each animal has a unique DNA makeup and your genetics testing company uses a panel of markers for identifying the specific set of allele sizes that make your animal unique. This provides an accurate method to prove ownership and solve questions regarding parentage. For example, a DNA profile from an individual can be compared to DNA profiles of its "alleged" parents to determine whether they are truly the biological parents. A DNA profile will not determine the breed make-up or verify breed purity.   Let me say that again another way...DNA profiling can determine parentage and genetic identity but NOT the breed. 

CKC stands behind the buyer as well as the sell so if you ever have doubts that your puppy parents are not what is on papers they will require a DNA to get you the correct results.  I like using local when I can, and have always had very good things to say about their work, support, and answering you in a timely manner.  It's not the papers you are buying it is a quality puppy that you should be more interested in. 

About your breeder.

Conception that responsible breeder, breeds for profit, your wrong. Every fee I get from my puppies goes right back into my program, or to help the animal shelter. Puppy pads, quality food, beds, flea and tick pills, shots, USDA fees, advertisement fees, web fees, Vet check fees, and so many other supplies. Imagine all the supplies you need to purchase for just one furbaby to give them the love and care they all deserve. A good breeder must stock up on vitamins, medicines, making sure every dog receives proper vet checks including shots. C-sections are not cheap nor are emergencies vet visits. Many sleepless nights delivering puppies.  As time goes by, things can double, even triple, you need to stock up on the necessary items needed to raise healthy puppies and keep adults healthy as well, vet checks for puppies, puppy packs. There is also spending hundreds or thousands adding more quality dogs to better your program. I select each and every dog, for temperament, looks, characteristics, and genetics. A lot of time and love goes into caring for the dogs and puppies. They are a precious gift which brings me joy daily. Please remember to thank your breeder, no matter who he or she may be, because your breeder has worked so hard to ensure that you are getting a healthy, quality puppy and sadly we must let the puppy go to bring love and joy into your homes. It’s hard letting go. Yes we wish we could keep them all. But the joy to see other people so happy, when they meet their new family member. Yes, you are adding a new member to your family. Remember to take into consideration the dedication this breeder has given to cleaning kennels, puppy rooms, the cost associated with the upkeep of the parents to bring you a bundle of joy, a quality loving healthy furbaby. Choose wisely, cheap is not always the best choice. If you want cheap - check out your local shelters. They have lots of dogs awaiting a new home. Remember this is a long-term commitment. Please have your pet spayed or neutered if you do not plan on breeding. Unplanned, puppies is why there are so many in animal shelters.


Your puppy will come with a starter kit, and a starter package. I will ship Delta Dash, or United. if weather meets their new temperature  other means you must arrange yourself. Please beware of buying from sellers who advertise tea cup puppies . There is no such thing. Ask 100 questions if you feel you need to. If the seller is reluctant to answer, well maybe you don't need that puppy. Ask for Vet references and please do call and talk to them ask. Don't get burnt... You are choosing a family member. Choose wisely.  I Put quality into my pups. They only get the best. I DO NOT feel I must dress my puppies up to sell, I have nothing to hide. 
When adopting a puppy, this is what you get:
  • Written health warranty
  • Contract
  • Starter package that includes a litter application,
  • A 3 generation color of ancestors pedigree !
  • Information on Chihuahua's
  • Vaccine records
  • 24-7 support from Pet Key Free if your puppy is $500.00 or above  or you can ad this service for a extra charge of  $40.00  for a a lifetime of support 
  • Travel bag    No two will be alike with contents
  • All of my puppies are started on potty pads. 
  • If Puppy is flying your puppy package will be mailed to your home as it is to large to attach to airline crate.  More has been added since this photo was taken.